FAKE ALERT: NATO teaches the AFU “terrible deadly military techniques”

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Description of the fake LIE

NATO instructors teach the Ukrainian military to scream, kick, show their tongue, and make grimaces. This is how Russian Telegram channels describe a video depicting the performance of a ritual haka dance.

Refutation TRUTH

Haka is a traditional dance of the New Zealand Maori people, which the warriors used to intimidate enemies before the battle. Nowadays, this dance is performed, in particular, at public events—meetings of respected guests, sports competitions, weddings, funerals.

New Zealanders do not “teach Ukrainians to shout at the enemy and show their tongue,” but only share their traditions.

The high quality of the training the AFU soldiers get according to NATO standards is evidenced by at least the losses of the Russian army, which are already almost 400,000 people.

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