FAKE ALERT: “NATO is involved in the conflict in Ukraine and is increasing the degree of escalation”

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Description of the fake LIE

“NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg increases the escalation degree by stating that Ukraine has the right to attack military targets on Russian territory. This indicates the direct involvement of the Alliance in the conflict.” This statement by the press secretary of the Russian dictator Peskov is promoted by pro-Kremlin resources.

Refutation TRUTH

The war, started by Russia, not a “conflict”, has been going on in Ukraine for 10 years.

Ukraine has the right to self-defence. Ukraine can destroy military targets on Russian territory with its own-produced weapons.

Peskov’s statements are just another attempt by the Kremlin to accuse the West of “escalation”, to shift responsibility from the aggressor to the victim, and to spread false narratives about “NATO fighting with the hands of Ukrainians.”

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