FAKE: A video with anti-tank weapons and the words of “gratitude to Ukraine” in Arabic

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Another piece of evidence that Ukraine is selling Western weapons to HAMAS militants is videos of anti-tank weapons such as the AT4 and NLAW placed on the floor. In the background, surahs are read out in Arabic and words of gratitude to Ukraine for the transferred weapons are heard. This video is distributed by Kremlin propagandists with reference to the film company “Dyatly Pictures.”

Refutation TRUTH

The first thing that catches the eye in this “story” is that almost all the weapons shown in the video are spent, and this is clearly visible, especially with NLAW.

“Secondly. The video is rather modest. If it were really filmed by HAMAS, then in the background there would be bravura songs about the eternal battle to the last drop of blood, and in every corner of the screen there would be logos of the HAMAS movement and their sponsors,” the Information Resistance noted.

“Thirdly, if HAMAS has AT4 and NLAW, then why has the world not seen their use since October?”

Russian propagandists continue to spread fakes and create staged videos about Ukraine allegedly supplying Western weapons to HAMAS.

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