FAKE: a conflict among NATO mercenaries over charity in Kyiv

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Description of the fake LIE

In Kyiv, mercenaries in the uniform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine quarrelled with volunteers working in the centre of the capital and raising money for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Videos with the argument are spread by Telegram channels controlled by the Kremlin.

Refutation TRUTH

There was indeed a conflict situation between the real soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the “volunteers,” who pretended to be ex-soldiers and allegedly collected money for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“The original source of the video, which was spread by Russian propagandists, is the post of the Ukrainian soldier Oleh Symoroz on X (former Twitter). On the video dated November 17, 2023, Symoroz argues with men in military uniform near the Heroiv Dnipro (Heroes of the Dnipro) metro stops. In fact, these ‘volunteers’ did not serve anywhere and are ordinary scammers,” the VoxCheck project investigators found.

The pseudo-volunteers were given the uniform in the Save the Motherland charity foundation, where the National Police is already conducting searches.

In addition, the participants of the fundraising scheme do not know how the collected cash is accounted for because they hand it over to the fund manager without any reporting and signature.

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