FAKE: A caricature of Zelenskyy stealing a wallet with money from the President of Argentina

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Description of the fake LIE

The Spanish satirical publication El Jueves devoted the cover of the latest issue of the magazine to the visit of the President of Ukraine Zelenskyy to Argentina for the inauguration of Javier Milei. At the moment of hugging, Zelenskyy pulls a wallet out of Milei’s pocket. The cover is spread by pro-Kremlin Telegram channels.

Refutation TRUTH

The Spanish edition of El Jueves has never printed or published covers with such content as propagandists claim; this can be verified by visiting the official website of the publication.

“The latest cover of the magazine, whose issue was printed in the first half of December, has an entirely different illustration and the main message sounds like Losers of 2023 (Los Gilipollas de 2023),” the fact-checkers of the BezBrekhni project note.

Propagandists are once again trying to humiliate and ridicule Ukraine and its leadership, as well as to present Ukrainians as beggars.

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