FAKE: a caricature of world leaders who are having a snowball fight, but Zelenskyy has not enough of them

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Description of the fake LIE

The British weekly magazine The Spectator published another issue with heads of state throwing snowballs at each other; President Zelenskyy has few snowballs, and they are small, while Putin has big snowballs and a lot of them. The background shows a confused Biden. This cover is spread by Kremlin propagandist Skabeeva.

Refutation TRUTH

The archive of covers on the website of the publication shows no such thing as a December cover, nor is there is a “special Christmas issue,” which the fake cover was marked with.

“The only issue of the magazine for December is the issue for December 2 with a stylized painted image of Chinese President Xi Jinping with the title How China Cornered the Green Market,” fact-checkers of the BezBrekhni project found.

The hint on the fake caricature is clear: the West is allegedly confused, Ukraine is running out of weapons and ammunition because the United States has switched to helping Israel, and Russia has “everything under control”.

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