Euronews Ukraine: Beware of Russian influence!

The Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security strongly advises the National Council of Ukraine on TV and Radio Broadcasting to carefully study the history of previous attempts to launch the Ukrainian version of Euronews and prevent the creation of a new channel of Russian influence in Ukraine.

The license request for the satellite Euronews Ukraine was submitted by the same Valid Arfush, who coordinated the Ukrainian Euronews during Yanukovych’s presidency in 2011—2012, was known for his commitment to the pro-Russian Party of Regions, and disappeared after the Revolution of Dignity. Not surprisingly, Euronews was editing the news in favor of Yanukovych at the time.

The head office of Euronews has repeatedly tolerated Russian propaganda about Ukraine.

For example, in the texts about “Russian Crimea,” Euronews did not mention the occupation or the war in eastern Ukraine, using manipulations in favor of the aggressor. Both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Representative of Ukraine to the EU, as well as Europeans, expressed indignation in this regard.

We warn the National Council against ill-considered decisions and hope it will not create a threat of increasing Russian influence in Ukraine.


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