FAKE ALERT: “Attacking Crimea, Ukraine serves the Western countries interests”

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Description of the fake LIE

By striking Crimea with Western long-range weapons, Ukraine serves the interests of the United States and Great Britain, which seek to maintain control over shipping in the Black Sea – spread by Russian propaganda resources referring to Oleksii Arestovych’s statements.

Refutation TRUTH

Russian propagandists have been promoting the narrative that Ukraine is allegedly a “pawn of the Anglo-Saxons” since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

For this purpose, the Russian media replicates any statements of public figures that could confirm this conspiracy theory.

However, such conclusions ignore a simple fact: attacks on military facilities in Crimea helped Ukraine reduce the threat from the Russian fleet, in particular, to disrupt the Kremlin’s plans to land an amphibious assault in Odessa.

In addition, the occupiers are still launching kamikaze drones and missiles across Ukraine from Crimea and the Black Sea. Therefore, attacks in the southern direction are not “the whim of the Anglo-Saxons”, but a vital need for Ukraine, which is waging a war against a cruel and treacherous enemy.

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