Another Fake: Sweden Confirms Loss of All Leopard Tanks in Ukraine

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It is written that the Swedish Armed Forces allegedly recognized the loss of all their tanks that had been transferred to Ukraine. It's not true.

Description of the fake LIE

Sweden confirmed the loss of all ten Leopard 2A5 tanks with the Swedish modification Strv 122, which had been provided to Ukraine as part of military assistance. Such a statement is spread by propagandists and social media users with pro-Russian sentiments.

Refutation TRUTH

A spokesman for the Swedish Armed Forces, at the request of Reuters journalists, reported that there were no such official statements.

In the press release of the Swedish Armed Forces of September 21 regarding Stridsvagn 122 in Ukraine, there is no mention of the loss of tanks.

Only the Forbes material for September 23 referred to two Swedish tanks that were disabled by the occupying army of Russia.

Russian propaganda keeps on trying to discredit the Ukrainian military and Western partners; allegedly, either Ukrainian soldiers do not know how to use Western weapons, or the weapons from the allies are of poor quality.

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