After the Revolution of Dignity, Ukrainian Society’s Voice Has Become Stronger — Centre

The Revolution of Dignity has strengthened the voice of Ukrainian society, which is making an impact on positive changes in the country.

This was stated by the expert of the Centre for Strategic Communication and Information Security Maria Sahaydak during the discussion “How Has Maidan Changed Ukraine?”

“Civil society has a voice, and you can hear it well. It is society that influences the agenda of the state, controls the activities of the government. And this sense of responsibility for what I am doing, where I live and how I can improve the situation in my own country is the good thing that emerged during the Revolution,” she said.

According to the expert, thanks to the Maidan, Ukraine managed to get back on the path to democracy. Despite all the restrictions imposed by the need to fend off hostile aggression, Ukraine is showing steady democratic progress.

“Major change is best seen from afar. It is only time that helps us see the consequences and results of the Revolution. Each of us understands very well that the events that happened eight years ago are one of the key moments in the formation of our country and a major factor of our freedom,” commented Maria Sahaydak.

Another important change she pointed out is the strengthening of our national identity, which is still ongoing: according to the latest research, 73% of Ukrainians consider Ukrainian their native language, and positive change is happening in the industries of Ukrainian cinema, music and literature.


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