Accusation of Medvedchuk: how did they plan to recruit Ukrainians in Russia?

From the outside, there war support for Ukrainians who go to work and study in Russia. From the inside, there was the recruitment of agents of Russia’s informational aggression against Ukraine. This is the essence of the Promin project, which was developed by Russia with the help of Viktor Medvedchuk, according to the Services of Safety of Ukraine.

The project planned to cover up to 5 million Ukrainian labor migrants and up to 2 million Ukrainians potentially interested in coming to Russia.

The ultimate goal is to obtain up to 4 million votes for the candidate and party that Russia needs to win in the Ukrainian presidential and parliamentary elections.

The draft of the project with Medvedchuk’s handwritten corrections includes, in particular:

  • Creation of a digital platform for accounting and analysis of the full range of information about Ukrainian citizens who are on the Russian territory.
  • Creation of a controlled “financial window” between countries that would allow monitoring of the majority of financial transactions.
  • Identification of leaders and groups influencing the social and political agenda in Ukraine, as well as all problematic issues and interests of the community, in order to respond promptly.
  • Involvement of talented Ukrainian youth in education in the Russian Federation and the use of Ukrainian youth for the development of the Russian economy (especially in technical fields).
  • Creation of a secure labor market in Russia for the citizens of Ukraine and the satisfaction of Russian market’s need in specialists.
  • Formation of necessary thoughts, moods, preferences, and their spread to relevant groups.
  • Preparation for the presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine, “using new technology and pendulums of influence,” which will be able to provide 2-4 million votes for the needed candidate and party.

The “assistance” to the project was to be carried out by Russian law enforcement officers, the FSB, the presidential administration, and Russian government agencies.

We thank the Security Service of Ukraine and the Office of the Prosecutor-General for their work and look forward to an effective fight against traitors in the future. The activities of the enemy’s fifth column in Ukraine must be stopped, and its members must be held accountable.


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