28th Day of the Full-Scale Russian Aggression in Ukraine

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TOP NEWS: Russian forces regularly shell Kyiv, attack cities in the Luhansk region, and continue to bomb Mariupol. The evacuation of civilians from conflict zones continues. Russia’s warship was destroyed in Berdyansk. Allies continue to help Ukraine with weapons. Ukraine will offer to exchange Ukrainian defenders of Zmiinyi Island.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Mariupol has been demolished by Russian invaders


Russian troops shelled the Podilskyi district of Kyiv. A Russian journalist was killed

Russian troops shelled the parking lot of a shopping center in Kyiv’s Podilskyi district. Oksana Baulina, a Russian journalist of The Insider media, was killed in the shelling.

Russia dropped banned phosphorus bombs on Rubizhne

The occupants launched missile strikes on Lysychansk and Novodruzhesk. Also Russia dropped phosphorus bombs on Rubizhne. During the last night in the city, four people were killed and six were injured. At least two children were killed.

In Mariupol, the occupants destroyed the Arkhip Kuindzhi Art Museum

The Museum built in 1902 was hit with an air bomb. According to the Local History, there were no original Kuindzhi paintings inside, but the works by other Ukrainian artists, exhibited in the museum, were destroyed.

Mariupol is still alive and waiting for rescue

New video of Mariupol shows destroyed and burned houses, as well as damaged infrastructure.

Residents in besieged Mariupol have to bury their dead in the backyards next to the homes.

The Red Cross and the UN have no access to Mariupol

Representatives of The Red Cross and the UN keep asking Russia to arrange a humanitarian corridor, but they cannot get there yet.

4,554 people were evacuated through humanitarian corridors on March 23

2,912 Mariupol residents arrived in Zaporizhzhia by their own transport from Mariupol. 51 people were evacuated from Huliaipole to Zaporizhzhia. 919 residents of the villages of Velyka Dymerka, Bohdanivka, and Svitylnya in the Kyiv region were evacuated. 672 people were evacuated in Luhansk region.

Russia’s warship was destroyed in Berdyansk

Multiple blasts and fire reported in the port of Berdyansk currently occupied by Russia.

Ukraine plans to return the heroes of Zmiinyi Island bask home

Ukrainian defenders from Zmiinyi Island who were taken as prisoners by the Russian troops may soon be exchanged for Russian soldiers captured by Ukraine.

Lithuanian Defense Minister arrived in Kyiv

Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anushauskas became the first foreign defense minister to arrive in Kyiv since the Russian invasion.

NATO will provide protection to Ukraine from possible chemical and biological attacks

NATO leaders will agree to provide Ukraine with equipment to protect against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats on March 24 in Brussels.

The EU provides Ukraine with military aid that costs one billion euros

The European Council has doubled funding for Ukraine, increasing military aid from 500 million euros to one billion. These funds will be used to purchase, in particular, personal protective equipment, fuel, military equipment and so on.

Ukraine received the first batch of aid from the United States from a new $800 million package

Ukraine has received new military aid from the United States worth $800 million. The United States has almost completed the delivery of most of the previous $200 million package, including air-defense system Stinger and anti-tank missile system Javelin.

Sweden will help Ukraine with anti-tank weapons

The Swedish Ministry of Defense will provide Ukraine with another 5,000 units of anti-tank weapons and demining equipment.

The EU will provide Ukraine with secret data from its satellites

The European Union has approved an agreement with Ukraine that will allow the EU to share classified information with Kyiv within a year. In particular, satellite images. The term of the agreement may be extended.

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